San Diego Explained: The Hard Sell of Raising Taxes

On this San Diego Explained, VOSD's Scott Lewis and NBC 7's Catherine Garcia explain what the city will have to do to tackle its infrastructure repairs and/or keep the Chargers happy, and why it's not as easy as it might've been a few years back.

Fact Check: Is San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman a Politician?

"I’m not a politician," City Councilman Scott Sherman told KPBS.

The City’s Infrastructure Woes, in 3 Charts

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.


One Paseo Would Set an Ugly Precedent

If One Paseo is approved, developers will certainly reflect on their approach to community outreach and likely find it isn’t worth the effort.

Power Is Weakening Local Businesses

As we wrap up our effort to understand what is really holding back business investment in San Diego, costs like our very high electricity bills are at the forefront.

Work for No Wage to Get a Minimum Wage Hike Passed

Con: You don't get any pay to join the Center on Policy Initiatives' push for a minimum wage increase. Pro: You can turn into a "glitter unicorn for social justice."

Morning Report: How We Finally Reached Legal Weed

Welcome to San Diego, hockey and pot! How to track the unvaccinated in local schools, Jack in the Box wins and an unusual parking problem in Sorrento Valley.

Morning Report: Insane Infrastructure Repair Bill Will Get Insaner

Pastor questions access to mayor. 'Action group' is the new buzzword. Super Bowl Sunday spells bad news for drivers. And your expressions get exposed.

‘A City as Diverse as Ours, a Mayor Has to Be Accessible’

It was a bit of a coup when a coalition of southeastern San Diego pastors endorsed Kevin Faulconer for mayor. One of those pastors, Don Connelly in Encanto, told us he'd been pretty happy with Faulconer so far – with a one big caveat.

The Bad Infrastructure Numbers Are Even Worse Than We All Thought

The city has left out many big-ticket items from its list of what needs repairing.

Morning Report: The Return of Scott Barnett (That Was Fast)

More pay for workers! (But not unpaid interns). Government may gain powers over mentally ill. Good news for city fix-it plans. And Romney might say so long.