Six Years and $10 Million Gone, the Convention Center Expansion Is Dead

It is one of the biggest, gnarliest and most embarrassing legal failures the city has ever seen.

Peters: DeMaio ‘Would Rather Pick a Fight Than Solve a Problem’

Rep. Scott Peters says he’s flabbergasted people are portraying his opponent, Republican Carl DeMaio, as a moderate.

Stop Confusing Small Businesses and Startups

Small businesses and startups often get lumped together but they're different ventures with vastly different goals, and that means they need different things to thrive.

Morning Report: Umbrage Wars Erupt in 52nd District Contest

DeMaio not happy with Peters Q-and-A, a bad night for Sen. Ben Hueso, the minimum wage fight goes to the street and what we learned this week.

San Diego’s Other Affordability Problem

It's not just housing that's costly here — so is transportation. Combined, that makes San Diego more unaffordable than most places.

Morning Report: Political Struggle Over a Parking Lot

Rachael Ortiz, long a major figure in Barrio Logan, faces off with the City Council member. How many people actually will get raises from a minimum wage hike? And all the news links you need today.

Make SD Bike-Friendly? There’s a Committee for That

With a new bike-share program nearing launch and the city preparing to drop $200 million on bike infrastructure, leaders in San Diego's two-wheeled community push to add continuity and contiguity to the city's policies.

San Diego Explained: The Demise of the Convention Center Expansion

On this week's San Diego Explained, VOSD's Scott Lewis explains the death of the Convention Center Expansion project and new ideas gaining traction among officials.


We’ll Have to Do Better than a ‘Sustainable’ San Diego

Sustainable development can mitigate the causes of climate change, but it doesn’t address the consequences we’re already seeing. More than sustainable, San Diego’s approach to climate change needs to be resilient.

Who Stands to Benefit from San Diego’s Minimum Wage Hike

Proponents of the San Diego minimum-wage measure say it will give at least 172,000 workers a raise. Here's where that number came from.