A Relentless Campaigner – for Better or Worse

School board president Kevin Beiser has racked up an absurd amount of campaign funds, and a wide, diverse group of supporters who praise his responsiveness. But there's evidence his tireless campaigning bumps up against his classroom duties.

One Thing the City Can’t Manufacture: More Space

San Diego County doesn't have much space available for manufacturing companies it hopes to grow – but it's not clear how much that matters.


San Diego’s Airport Is More Global Than You Think

The grumbles about our airport’s limitations are old. There are a few things in the works and already in place to quiet those complaints.

The Standoff Over Prop. A Threatens a Big Water Compromise

A conflict between city and state laws could deprive the city of millions in state funding for city construction projects and threaten an emerging solution to the city's water future.

Ex-Staffers: DeMaio Can Be Demanding and Demeaning But They Saw No Sexual Harassment

Several former staffers of congressional candidate Carl DeMaio said they'd ever seen or heard of him doing anything like what another ex-staffer, Todd Bosnich, alleges. But they all acknowledge he can be an extremely difficult person to serve, and some are no longer supporting him because of the way they were treated.

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Relying on Rideshare Is Still Steeper Than Owning a Car

Might be a good idea to temper that sharing economy enthusiasm for now. Owning a car is still a cheaper option in San Diego.