Where One Paseo Stands on the Smart-Growth Checklist

The city wants to steer growth toward dense developments near public transit. It isn't clear whether One Paseo — a 23-acre, $650 million project in Carmel Valley — really counts as a win toward that end.

San Diego’s Bike-Share Program Could Be the Nation’s Costliest

San Diego's to-be-launched bike-share program will be the most expensive of its kind in the country for consumers. There's a reason for that.

The Plan to Fix Crumbling Streets Is Also Crumbling

A long-planned November 2016 ballot measure to repair the city’s broken infrastructure has taken a backseat to other issues. Now, a campaign might be too late.

A Questionable Price Tag for Departing Cops

San Diego police and District 6 City Council candidates say the department has sunk $190,000 in each departing officer, a figure we've fact checked before and found some problems with.

City Councilwoman Stars as Average Jane Citizen in New DeMaio Ad

Carl DeMaio's new campaign ad features an endorsement from City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf. Oddly, the ad goes out of its way to make her seem like just another resident.

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Morning Report: One Paseo, Miniaturized

More minimum wage stats go through the wringer, why the slate of state elections is so boring, Councilwoman Marti Emerald shares some somber news and what we learned this week.

Carmel Valley Takes the Goldilocks Approach to One Paseo

Worried they'd be written off as NIMBYs if they rejected the development project outright, planning group members OK'd their own "just right" version of it – and it's much smaller than what Kilroy Realty has in mind.

Sacramento Report: Election Blues

Why this year's state legislative elections are so boring, Boxer Retirement Watch, Lorena Gonzalez notches a paid sick leave win and more in our weekly Capitol roundup.

Morning Report: DeMaio’s Odd Nod to Political Peace

DeMaio isn't embracing his own combative style, a new report shows charter schools are serving one group particularly well and more on the school district's new armored vehicle.