Keeping Small Biz Smiling

Meet the lady charged with making small businesses' lives a little easier in San Diego. Plus, This Week in Drugs, Councilman Mark Kersey's move on infrastructure and more on the podcast.

All the Fuss About One Paseo in One Placeo

The 23-acre, $650-million multi-use development project by Kilroy Realty has gotten its share of attention, mostly thanks to residents' pushback. Here's what all the fuss is about.

Fact Check: Is San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman a Politician?

"I’m not a politician," City Councilman Scott Sherman told KPBS.


Sherri Lightner’s ‘Aha’ Moment on One Paseo

Why aren’t more public hearings held away from City Hall?

Introducing San Diego Businesses’ Four Horsemen

When San Diego businesses cry foul over the local business climate, this is what they're talking about.

The Eternal Question for SD Businesses: Should I Pay or Should I Go?

Many San Diego companies pay their workers significantly more than they might elsewhere so their employees can afford housing and other expenses that are disproportionately high here.

Morning Report: High Power Prices Spark Business Outrage

Commentary claims the rich are in charge. Rapper still facing charges for rapping. Bolts (still) aren't bolting. Dental board fails at job. And what you need to live comfortably.


Stop Letting SD’s Goliaths Masquerade as Davids

Wealthy special interests have used the referendum process to subvert the will of the people, and drown out the voices of everyday San Diegans.

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Pols do some people-counting, Scott Sherman is a politician and what we learned this week.

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Why the Assembly speaker hasn't offered any groundbreaking legislation, Lorena Gonzalez starts a sick leave trend and the Boxer-succession race rages on.