The Challenges of Doing Business in San Diego

In coming weeks, we'll examine the difficulty of doing business in San Diego, whether regional policies are driving an exodus of companies and what's motivating the firms that do move here.

San Diego’s Next Density Fight

City planners are eyeing changes to Grantville: They want to take the industrial area and turn it into one with lots of apartments and retail storefronts, an urban village based around the neighborhood's trolley stop. But if history's any guide, that'll be easier said than done.

The Push for a Harassment-Free Comic-Con

Women who spend hours on costumes for Comic-Con often have much different experiences at the convention than men. A group of women wants Comic-Con to create a detailed harassment policy – and to make sure convention-goers know it exists.

Marten to President Obama: Let’s Do This

San Diego Unified is joining the president's initiative to boost outcomes for students of color. The pledge is largely symbolic, though: There’s no money being offered, and most of the changes the district is promising were things it was going to do anyway.

City Heights Residents Are Wary of Albertsons Replacement

Albertsons caused an uproar when it left the so-called food desert in February. Now, a new supermarket is coming to City Heights, but residents aren't welcoming it with open arms.

Morning Report: A Contradiction Over English-Learning

County accused of abusing minors in custody, taxis with hundreds of thousands of miles are still on road, mayor to veto minimum wage boost, and a fever dream to remember.

Superintendent Forced Into Contradiction on English-Learners

Superintendent Cindy Marten once supported Thrive Public School, a charter trying to get approved in San Diego Unified. Then she urged the state to reject it, citing an incomplete plan for handling English-learners. The district, however, doesn't seem like it's in a place to lecture anyone on what to do about students learning English.

Committee Wants Worn-Out Cabs Off the Road

The city's public safety committee is gaining some traction on taxi reform. It moved a proposal to cap the age of vehicles operating as taxis, but is idling on others.

Morning Report: Why You Can’t Track Railway Plans

The flow of business into (and out of) San Diego, new taxpayer advocate meets boos, DA keeps list of cops who can't be trusted, mass horse die-off at Del Mar and the risk of shark tornado.

Agency Says Business Plan for ‘Impossible Railroad’ Is None of Your Business

MTS refuses to release documents that would answer some of the most basic questions about the Desert Line railroad project, how Pacific Imperial actually intends to rebuild the line and what its business strategy is.