Why the Rebel Heart Naysayers Reveal More About Themselves Than the Kaufman Family

The online watchdogs of austerity would have this family of Americans, including a former service member, billed for their own rescue by services that are always on standby for these exact situations.


We Can’t Pave Our Way to Efficient Transit

Our region’s elected officials continue to support a “freeways-first” transportation plan. Why aren't we adopting a “transit first” policy when surveys show most of us want a working transit system?

SeaWorld’s Tentacles of Influence

SeaWorld donates significant cash to San Diego-area politicians and serves on several high-profile local boards.


A Flexible Approach to Raising the Minimum Wage

Increasing the minimum wage is a proactive effort, but how we do so will dictate its sustained public impact.

The City’s New Plan to Loosen the Chokehold on Purchasing

No department inside San Diego City Hall has caused as much frustration both inside city bureaucracy and outside than Purchasing and Contracting. On Monday, the City Council will hear a proposal for two big reforms.

Morning Report: What We Learned about the Cop Crisis

Lessons from our forum on SD police, how we rank nationally, curtain may not close on opera, taxi drivers feel exploited and a fishy mermaid gets a new name.

Three Takeaways on the Future of SDPD

The department could be more transparent and is going to have to work through a lot when hiring new officers. Also, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith doesn't seem to agree with some of his own arguments.

How the Budget Shifted from Filner to Faulconer, in 3 Charts

Mayor Kevin Faulconer's budget includes lots of new things but the basic framework doesn't differ much from past budgets.

Padres’ Old-School Manager Is Losing a New-School Game

Teams like the A's and the Rays are trying to win the baseball war with new technologies, while the Padres' Bud Black is trying to stop tanks with a musket.

Morning Report: The Schools That Get Caught in the Middle

Why middle-class schools get cheated on funding, understanding start-up helpers, opera myths, Padres dealing and a new stink.