We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About Charter Schools

The district is in the midst of a massive push to keep kids in their neighborhood schools, and as it moves forward, it would do well to look at what charters are getting right and find ways to replicate that success.

Fact Check: How Often San Diego Teachers Get Graded

Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio claimed San Diego Unified teachers only get evaluated every five years and parents don't get to see the results.

Faulconer Makes the First Snip to the Red Tape Menace

A new city plan will cut anywhere from two weeks to a month in the time it takes a project to get approved. It's the first piece of the proverbial red tape Mayor Kevin Faulconer promised to cut, to get homes and offices built faster.

5 Things to Know About How Teacher Tenure Took Hold in San Diego

Today's sprawling job protections — which are now being hashed out in courtrooms — have deep roots in a rule-free era.

Environmentalists: San Diego’s Watering Down Drought Rules

The city is clashing with an environmental group over whether it's doing enough to police water use. At issue: What did the state mean in July when it told hundreds of water agencies to start cracking down on irrigation with mandatory rules?

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Morning Report: A Year-Long Grudge

A deep dive into a fallout between a congressional candidate and advisers who surrounded him for many years. The Sacramento Report and what we learned this week.

Sacramento Report: Road Rage and Bill Basics

A bill by Escondido Assemblywoman Marie Waldron could pave the way for synchronized traffic lights in San Diego.

Morning Report: Fixing City with a Bucket of Paint

How little changes can mean big things for a city. And how California is holding back San Diego. Plus, the school district is giving back its armored vehicle.

Sometimes Quick and Dirty Urban Upgrades Are the Best Urban Upgrades

The mastermind of "tactical urbanism" – think cheap, temporary improvements like painting over a parking lot to create a cool plaza – says sometimes the best way to improve a city is by making tangible and incremental upgrades, not thinking 30 years into the future.