Dumanis (Almost) for City Attorney

We had a fun and lively night of political banter last night at voiceofsandiego.org‘s post-election panel, examining the local election results and discussing what lies ahead in San Diego’s future.

There was one tidbit that slipped out that was especially newsworthy. My colleague Scott Lewis, who was moderating the discussion, asked us (political consultants Jennifer Tierney and Tom Shepard, as well as Will Carless and me) to name the most powerful politico in the region.

The discussion shifted to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and her efforts to field and support a candidate to run against outgoing City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

Tierney, Dumanis’ political consultant, said Dumanis was so interested in ousting Aguirre that she actually considered running for city attorney herself. (Dumanis won her second term as DA in 2006, a position with considerably more power and profile than the city attorney.)

See what you missed? Last night’s panel was a great time. We had more than 50 people in attendance — more people than chairs. We’ll make sure to get a bigger space next time.

But we’re going to be doing more of these panels. (Though I don’t even like to call them panels because that sounds stuffing and boring. Don’t worry, Lewis does a great job of keeping them fresh and interesting.)

Our next one will probably be on the local economy and housing market. E-mail our development director, Melanie Seales, at melanie.seales@voiceofsandiego.org to make sure you get all the latest info on our events.


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