Tales From San Diego's Dark Corners
By Sam Hodgson | June 12, 2013
From a young age, we’re conditioned to be afraid of the dark. It’s a fear of what we don’t know and what we can’t see. As we grow older and set out into the world for ourselves, the fear can become more pervasive. While we may no longer sleep with a night-light, we clutch our loved ones and cling to our belongings when we walk through the streets in darkness.
As we set out to examine issues surrounding street lights in the city, I tracked down seven San Diegans who have had some encounter or scare in a dark part of town. In some cases, these streets were virtually pitch black. In others, lights lined the street, but their problem occurred in the dark pockets between lights. But all of them make sure to watch their backs and their steps after dark.
Rosario Iannacone, City Heights
She came outside of her father's house like it was any other
night -- until she saw the man in the dark hoodie.
Roger Leszczynski, Logan Heights
Commercial Street is lined with streetlights. But a dark pocket and a train track proved dangerous for this biking enthusiast.
Esperanza Gonzalez, City Heights
She refuses to walk through her streets at night. Instead, she runs, and makes sure not to carry a handbag.
Cody Livingston, Bay Terraces
She doesn't roam the streets at night. But when she cleans them in the morning, she makes some extraordinary finds.
Sherry Hopwood, Kensington
She's watched many passer-by tumble on the cracked sidewalk on her dark street. And she's done it herself, too.
Ben Parmentier, Hillcrest
The walk to a nearby restaurant seemed routine until, beneath an out-of-order streetlight, he was pistol-whipped.
Ana Lilia Gutierrez, City Heights
She's had a car slow-roll her at nearby Colina Park and doesn't like for her kids roam their own neighborhood after nightfall.
-- Spanish-to-English translations provided by Dagny Salas
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