The resignation of Mayor Bob Filner left San Diego's political scene in turmoil. Now San Diegans face a new beginning, with a pool of candidates 11-deep to start. Ahead of the special election Nov. 19, we offer a guide to the contestants vying to become mayor.

Reporting and factchecking by Liam Dillon, Lisa Halverstadt and Catherine Green 
Photography by Sam Hodgson; logo design by Amy Krone.

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 Miss our #noBSmayor debate? Voice of San Diego's Scott Lewis got the four leading candidates on stage at the Birch North Park Theatre Nov. 5 and forced them out of their comfort zones.

Aside from a few sacred crows, Mike Aguirre, David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer and Nathan Fletcher
laid out their positions on a wide range of city issues - from increasing the affordable housing fee to the conflict broiling between residents and the maritime industry in Barrio Logan.

Check out five of the most poignant moments (Alvarez's thoughtful response on stop-and-frisk isn't to be missed) and some other highlights here. We've also got the full audio available here.