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Morning Report: One Paseo, Miniaturized

More minimum wage stats go through the wringer, why the slate of state elections is so boring, Councilwoman Marti Emerald shares some somber news and what we learned this week.

Sacramento Report: Election Blues

Why this year's state legislative elections are so boring, Boxer Retirement Watch, Lorena Gonzalez notches a paid sick leave win and more in our weekly Capitol roundup.

Disadvantaged Students Are Doing Better in Charter Schools

Charter schools in the state are performing better than they did a few years ago, and the same holds for San Diego charters, according to a new report. One notable finding: Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are doing better in charter schools than in traditional public schools.

Culture Report: Beauty and the Border

Commissioning artists to fancy up the new port of entry, plus expressing complex (and sometimes angry) feelings about 'la linea' in a new art series in North Park, theater in non-traditional spaces, everything you need to prep for fall art offerings and more in our weekly culture roundup.