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Morning Report: A Tale of Two Climate Plans

With the news that an appellate court has upheld a ruling against San Diego County’s climate plan, it would be easy to think the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan is in jeopardy. But the two plans are different. “When Mayor Kevin Faulconer released a draft version of a new city plan last month, the biggest decision he made was intended to avoid exactly this sort of legal challenge,” writes Andrew Keatts. The county tried to avoid making their climate plans legally enforceable. The city’s plan, currently in draft, went a different route by making the plans enforceable, which might make all the difference.


The High Cost of Cheap Water

You can use all the water you want and are willing to pay for. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous during a drought? Blame the water department’s pricing model.

Public Schools Are Getting More Private Money Than Ever

A new study found that the number of parent and community-led private fundraising groups is snowballing. In California, private fundraising has become a way for parents to raise money for their kids' schools and compensate for inadequacies in state funding.