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Culture Report: Will Kill for Food

The controversial Death for Food gets you front and center with your soon-to-be dinner. Plus, MCASD expansion, the San Diego Jazz Fest and Swing Extravaganza ahead and more in our weekly round-up of culture news.

Pumping the Brakes on Belmont Park

The company that runs Belmont Park told the City Council it needed a new lease right away to keep a deal from falling through. The lease stalled but the deal went through anyway, bolstering some skepticism about urgent matters rushed through the Council.

Businesses Are in the Dark on New Lighting Rules

New retrofit mandates meant to lower energy use are giving many companies sticker shock. But the state Energy Commission says businesses themselves might be partly to blame for misinterpreting the rules and overestimating what they must do to comply.

What It’s Like to Free an Innocent Man

On this week's podcasts, we cover the flailing of the DeMaio team, Phil BBQ's take on minimum wage and the democratic process, the long-incubated work of the California Innocence Project and how creepy dudes are.

Wandering the City Heights Data Desert

Together, two foundations have spent more than $265 million in City Heights since 2000. But data that quantify their impact is hard to come by. It's not nonexistent, though. Here's some of what we were able to track down.

The Case for Giving Veteran Cops Bigger Raises

City officials plan to dole out millions to police officers who've long complained about their paltry paychecks. They might get the most bang for their bucks if they give a big chunk of the money to veteran officers who are easy targets to get hired away by the Sheriff's Department.