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Wandering the City Heights Data Desert

Together, two foundations have spent more than $265 million in City Heights since 2000. But data that quantify their impact is hard to come by. It's not nonexistent, though. Here's some of what we were able to track down.

The Case for Giving Veteran Cops Bigger Raises

City officials plan to dole out millions to police officers who've long complained about their paltry paychecks. They might get the most bang for their bucks if they give a big chunk of the money to veteran officers who are easy targets to get hired away by the Sheriff's Department.

Culture Report: ‘Hoods on Film

The tourism authority's new effort to showcase your fave neighborhoods, the unsinkable Diana Duval, what it's like behind the scenes at La Jolla Playhouse and more in our weekly culture round-up.

San Diego’s Richest Poor Neighborhood, Two Decades Later

In 1993, Sol Price flipped the switch on what has become decades of philanthropic investment in City Heights. Two foundations alone have spent more than a quarter billion there since 2000. So what's come of all that money? Are residents better off because of it?

Sacramento Report: Inside the Bubble

What it's really like for lawmakers in the state capitol good life. Plus, polled voters want Boxer and Feinstein to retire, the largest Legislative Black Caucus in decades and more in our round-up of the need-to-know news from up north.

Morning Report: Obstacles Washed Away for Water Deal

Dirt-kickers on the left and the right are on board with a major water deal headed for City Council. Plus, the top eight water-consuming businesses in San Diego, checking in on the success of SDSU's Student Success Fee and more.