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SANDAG Teases Its Big Ballot Measure – Again

To hold to its self-imposed deadline, SANDAG must ask voters to help pay for its massive to-do list, which includes things like shoreline preservation and monitoring water quality. If SANDAG pushes the deadline out a few more years, it wouldn't be the first time.

When Law Enforcement Fudges the Law

Public records laws are supposed to enable people to easily access public information from local governments. But Chula Vista Police have been discouraging residents from getting information through one of the simplest, most common channels, making it harder for citizens to know what local law enforcement is doing.

Morning Report: Upheaval at Lincoln High

Dr. O is out at Lincoln High, economists make the case against public funding for a new stadium (even the ones who support it), police scale back two troubling practices and more in our daily news roundup.

The Height of Trolley Tensions

The city doesn't just want to expand the trolley, it wants to make new stations home to more housing units and storefronts to spur ridership – and it might tweak the height limit to make it happen. But residents who live near the planned stations aren't on board.

Two Mothers, Two Losses, One Unexpected Bond

A devastating act ultimately sparked the friendship between Lisa Ortiz and Sonjia Viruegas – the murder of Ortiz's daughter. Viruegas's son was her killer. After he died in prison, the two began talking. They haven't stopped since.

Tijuana Violence Ticks Up, But Don’t Blame Cartels

In a Q-and-A, David Shirk, director of USD's Mexico Justice Project and co-author of a new report on drug violence, talks about the effects of violence on ordinary residents of Tijuana and why the mayhem hasn't crossed over to the American side of the border.