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Our Most-Read Stories of 2014

Explaining the news had a moment in 2014, and a few of the times in which we stepped back to explain the dynamics at work behind a major news event became our most popular stories this year.

Morning Report: SeaWorld CEO, Out

What the UC tuition hikes have to do with job creation, Republicans' lackluster response to poverty and why San Diego could be Obamacare's biggest success story.

Morning Report: One Paseo, Miniaturized

More minimum wage stats go through the wringer, why the slate of state elections is so boring, Councilwoman Marti Emerald shares some somber news and what we learned this week.


Diapers and Tampons Help Men, Too

Two recent proposals to boost low-income moms address some common themes: both would improve the health of women and children, and help working moms stay working. They share something else, too: a torrent of hateful reactions aimed solely at women.

The Push for a Harassment-Free Comic-Con

Women who spend hours on costumes for Comic-Con often have much different experiences at the convention than men. A group of women wants Comic-Con to create a detailed harassment policy – and to make sure convention-goers know it exists.