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Nous Sommes Tous Charlie Hebdo

Journalists' identity rests on the shaky foundation that we can all fight about what the government should look like or how the powerful should be held accountable, without dying.

Morning Report: Soitec So Uncertain

The solar manufacturer in Rancho Bernardo has not made it clear how many of its hundreds of workers will be out. What some thinkers say to watch for in 2015 and the city's bike share program is launching ... for real.

Jerry Sanders: The Voice of Business

Regardless of what you think about the Chamber of Commerce’s accomplishments since Jerry Sanders took the reins, you can’t deny that he has given the business coalition he represents its loudest voice in perhaps a decade.

The Murrieta Protesters: The Voice of Nativists

The protests and an influx of young people from Central America provoked a national conversation we needed to have – about immigration, sure, but also about our national identity as a refuge for the world’s oppressed.

Morning Report: Soitec, Kaput?

Conflicting pictures emerge of San Diego's economy, we talked with the head of the citizen's review board, separating real CEQA complaints from the project-killers and what we learned this week.

If Not the Minimum Wage, Then What? The GOP’s Poverty Problem

Carl DeMaio warned fellow members of his party to offer some kind of alternative to a minimum wage hike that would resonate with the working poor. But so far, San Diego Republicans have stopped short of offering a vision for what they'd do to help lift people out of poverty.

Who Lied? Part IV: Much Ado About a Urinal

When a second staffer for Carl DeMaio's congressional campaign came forward with sexual harassment allegations, it was devastating for the candidate. As DeMaio works to rebuild his reputation, his defense hinges on a broken urinal.