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If Not the Minimum Wage, Then What? The GOP’s Poverty Problem

Carl DeMaio warned fellow members of his party to offer some kind of alternative to a minimum wage hike that would resonate with the working poor. But so far, San Diego Republicans have stopped short of offering a vision for what they'd do to help lift people out of poverty.

Who Lied? Part IV: Much Ado About a Urinal

When a second staffer for Carl DeMaio's congressional campaign came forward with sexual harassment allegations, it was devastating for the candidate. As DeMaio works to rebuild his reputation, his defense hinges on a broken urinal.

Morning Report: A Year-Long Grudge

A deep dive into a fallout between a congressional candidate and advisers who surrounded him for many years. The Sacramento Report and what we learned this week.

Let Me Pay the Post Office to Stop Trashing My House

Reps. Susan Davis and Scott Peters want those who have the luxury of having a bunch of garbage delivered daily to their mailboxes to keep it. Issa wants them to have to walk at least to their curb to get their advertising. Unfortunately, none of them will let me pay to get rid of it.