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Pro Tips on Keeping SD Transparent

Donna Frye of Californians Aware is our special guest on the podcast this week. Listen in to hear her school Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and new co-host Catherine Green on what the city's threatened email purge was all about.

VOSD Radio: Full Disclosure

With questions buzzing about campaign finance rules in this latest scandal, we asked someone who oughta know - Stacey Fulhorst, executive director of the city's ethics commission.

VOSD Radio: A Clean, Green Economy

Nicole Capretz, director of environmental policy in interim mayor Todd Gloria's office, joined Andrew Keatts and Mario Koran on this week's podcast to talk about what's next for a sustainable San Diego.

VOSD Radio: Making Makers Quarter

Urban planner Stacey Pennington joined co-hosts Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis to chat about the extra special portion of the I.D.E.A. District downtown known as Makers Quarter.

VOSD Radio: Getting in Gear

Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, called in this week to talk about the City Council's master plan approval.

VOSD Radio: Give Thanks for Startups

Tech entrepreneur Kelly Abbott is our special guest on the extended podcast. He's got some big news, and he's pledged the share the wealth. Plus, more on the hot-button affordable housing fee increase, and weasely words in the race for mayor.

VOSD Radio: Going Negative

Campaign attack ads proved nasty in the first phase of the race for mayor. Plus, getting real about the impact of the affordable housing fee increase — for better or worse.