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Tijuana’s Winning Streak

Last year, Filner's binational Olympics bid was nearly laughed out of the room before it fizzled with his exit from office. But even without going through with the bid, we seem to have come to the collaborative place with Tijuana Filner was promoting all along.

The Story Behind All Those New Craft Beer Tasting Rooms

A piece of language in the alcohol vendors' license most breweries have makes it easier to get additional locations OK'd. Turns out those small satellite locations are huge money-makers, and they address other issues that could stunt the industry's growth.


Where the Good Jobs Are

California and San Diego have managed to generate quality jobs — with some caveats. But how are we defining quality job growth? Let's look to the data.

The Catch-22 of San Diego’s Tourism Economy

San Diego County has seen its most significant job growth since the recession in the last two years, but a big part of that is from part-time or low-paying roles. SANDAG's chief economist says "we're a little bit of a victim of our own success."


What Does Texas Have That We Don’t?

San Diego surely isn’t perfect. But the business community has enormous strengths. It doesn’t need to join the race to the bottom by overreacting to the natural churn of capitalism.