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Keeping Small Biz Smiling

Meet the lady charged with making small businesses' lives a little easier in San Diego. Plus, This Week in Drugs, Councilman Mark Kersey's move on infrastructure and more on the podcast.

CEQA Can Be a Convenient Weapon

The California Environmental Quality Act has become a tool for groups to delay or kill a project – even if their beef doesn't have anything to do with the environment.


How to Bring Back California’s Competitive Edge

We can no longer rely on our state’s weather and beauty to attract new businesses and jobs. We need to be realistic about the level of competition we face. Some of the best ways we can protect California jobs start local: focus on buying local and build up training for our future workforce.

Who Does What for San Diego’s Business Community

Not sure how the Chamber of Commerce differs from the EDC? Or whether CONNECT's mission overlaps with CommNexus? This guide can help you differentiate between some of the biggest organizations that help cultivate San Diego's business climate.

Tijuana’s Winning Streak

Last year, Filner's binational Olympics bid was nearly laughed out of the room before it fizzled with his exit from office. But even without going through with the bid, we seem to have come to the collaborative place with Tijuana Filner was promoting all along.

The Story Behind All Those New Craft Beer Tasting Rooms

A piece of language in the alcohol vendors' license most breweries have makes it easier to get additional locations OK'd. Turns out those small satellite locations are huge money-makers, and they address other issues that could stunt the industry's growth.