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The Scope of San Diego’s Gang Problem

For a city whose gang problem pales in comparison to so-called gang capitals Los Angeles and Chicago, we sure have been talking about gangs a lot lately. Here's a primer on San Diego's gang landscape.

Meet Mid-City’s New ‘Diet Trolley’

Or call it a super bus, if you'd prefer. Either way, the Mid-City Rapid will be the first of a new type of transit line that'll figure heavily in the future of public transportation in the region.

The Fine Line Between Gang Policing and Gang Behavior

Some community members community have likened members of the San Diego Police Department's gang suppression unit to Stormtroopers or a gang itself. One officer admitted his unit is less connected with the community than it should be, but said it's moving in the right direction.

What It Means When Police Ask: ‘Are You on Probation?’

Residents concerned about racial profiling say they're tired of being asked whether they're on parole when they get pulled over. The question is basically a shortcut assessment of the rights an individual has and the procedures a police officer must follow.

Police: ‘We Do Our Very Best to Reach Everyone’

Police Chief William Lansdowne let a key check on racial profiling slide because he hadn't heard it's a concern in the community. Here's what the department does to open lines of communication, and why some voices aren't being heard.