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CEQA Can Be a Convenient Weapon

The California Environmental Quality Act has become a tool for groups to delay or kill a project – even if their beef doesn't have anything to do with the environment.

Inside Connections Housing’s Rough First Year

A year after it opened, Connections Housing is still experiencing growing pains. Permanent residents and interim residents are governed by different rules and separate agencies, and a recent grand jury report highlighted ongoing budget issues.

Two Mothers, Two Losses, One Unexpected Bond

A devastating act ultimately sparked the friendship between Lisa Ortiz and Sonjia Viruegas – the murder of Ortiz's daughter. Viruegas's son was her killer. After he died in prison, the two began talking. They haven't stopped since.

The Fine Line Between Gang Policing and Gang Behavior

Some community members community have likened members of the San Diego Police Department's gang suppression unit to Stormtroopers or a gang itself. One officer admitted his unit is less connected with the community than it should be, but said it's moving in the right direction.

Goodbye for Now, San Diego

More than any one event, my time with VOSD has been so rewarding because I’ve been able to interact with a diverse array of San Diegans who are dedicated to the idea of making this city a better place.

Why the Bike-Share Delay Could Cost the City

The city's estimated profit of $1 million to $2.6 million was based on bike sharing beginning by March. Based on those figures, the three-month delay means the city might not see up to $65,000 in revenue.

In Police Audit, Details Matter

SDPD Chief William Lansdowne wants an outside review of the department's handling of officer sexual misconduct complaints. The terms of the review will determine the worthiness of the entire exercise.