Convention Center

The city’s known as a convention hot spot, but for how long? Efforts to expand sparked quite the debate about what would attract or repel trade shows. Start here for a rundown of the main points on either side.

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Turns Out That Convention Center Tax May Really Be a Tax

Friday, an appellate court ruled that the city of San Diego's clever idea to raise the hotel-room tax, without actually asking voters to approve it, was not legal. And suddenly, the $520 million Convention Center expansion, the largest construction project on the city's docket, was thrown out.

Five Big Briggs Lawsuits

Cory Briggs is the biggest thorn in the side of local politicians because he files more high-profile lawsuits against the city and other local entities than anyone else.

5 Things David Alvarez Has Done

In nearly three years on the City Council, mayoral candidate David Alvarez has pushed for a foreclosure registry, consistently opposed downtown interests and brokered a last-minute tourism marketing deal.

What I Learned at Comic-Con

Despite the lines, despite the crowds, and despite the ever-increasing number of extracurricular promotions and commercial tie-ins, Comic-Con remains the rare place where the gulf between real life and the world of imagination is fluid, provided you step out of line for long enough to find it.