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School Foundations’ Haul: $6.5 Million

Parent fundraising groups are pumping a lot of money into San Diego Unified schools, but because the district doesn’t track these nonprofits, we haven’t been able to say how much – until now.

5 Things to Know About School Foundations

Parents and even administrators often don't like to talk about where they get extra money or how federal money is spent. But here's what we've learned so far about the nonprofit fundraising groups that boost certain schools.

San Diego Charter Schools Aren’t Exploding After All

A group that studies charter schools has changed a key report that had put San Diego Unified at No. 2 nationwide for charter school growth. The new numbers add an interesting wrinkle to trustees' claim that the district is one of the charter-friendliest in the country.

School Equity Is About More Than Money – But Money Helps

Parent-fundraising groups funnel millions of dollars into San Diego Unified schools to pay for teachers and extra programs. Group leaders say the money isn't a fair measure of student equity, but schools that get foundation money also tend to have more experienced teachers and more leverage to keep programs and faculty they want.

A Guide to SDSU’s Big Student Fee Fight

Protests sprang up last week over the new Student Success Fee, which would allow the school to hire tenured professors and bolster class sections. The proposal would raise students' obligations to $1,694 a year in fees – more than a semester’s tuition for a part-time undergraduate student.

SD Unified on Shaky Ground With School Foundations

Every year, parents funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into nonprofit foundations set up to help certain public schools. But San Diego Unified has broken promises to monitor how school foundations fund-raise and spend their cash.

Scott Barnett Stands Alone

San Diego Unified trustee Scott Barnett at times sees himself as the only one on the board in touch with reality, especially when it comes to finances.