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Why Absolutely Nobody Voted on Prop. D

Look up Prop. D in the San Diego County election results and you'll find zero votes in favor and zero votes against. Not a single person voted for a pretty good reason: There's not a single person to vote.

What Tuesday Night Means for November

The lone City Council race on the November ballot will be District 6, where Republican Chris Cate led but didn't cross the 50 percent threshold. Lorie Zapf and Bonnie Dumanis appeared to lock up outright wins.

A Reader’s Guide to the 52nd’s Dark Horses

Republicans Kirk Jorgensen and Fred Simon have a steep hill to climb if they want to sneak past Carl DeMaio and/or Rep. Scott Peters for a slot in the November election. Each is banking that a very focused message will help them do it.

A Reader’s Guide to Scott Peters

Rep. Scott Peters' rivals hope to frame him in the aging criticisms that have dogged him for years. But he remains affable, with very loyal friends. The question is whether that's enough.