Emergency Response Times

San Diego is grappling with how to improve lengthy response times when residents call for help. Start here for an overview of the big questions involved.

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Ambulance Contract to Stay Private

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria says there are too many financial uncertainties with a city-run ambulance service. A new five-year contract could start in January 2015.

Big Ambulance Decision Coming

In advance of interim mayor Todd Gloria's decision on San Diego's ambulance services, a pro-business study argues that city-run ambulances put taxpayers at risk.

The Ambulance Contract Waiting Game

The city's now $165K and three mayors into deciding the future of its ambulance services. Todd Gloria will decide next month whether the city will continue with a private company or give the Fire-Rescue Department a shot.

The Unneeded Ambulances

A high-ranking San Diego ambulance official said his company responds to people who really need it only 15 percent of the time.