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Check out our ruling definitions below.

True: The statement is accurate and there is nothing major to qualify it.

Mostly True: The statement is accurate but there is an important nuance to consider.

A Stretch: There is an element of truth in the statement but critical context is absent that may significantly alter the impression the statement leaves.

Unfounded: There is insufficient evidence to back up this statement.

Misleading: The statement takes an element of truth and badly distorts it or exaggerates it, giving a deceptive impression.

False: The statement is not accurate. This could be an error or misstatement but it’s simply not true and there is no element of truth to it.

Huckster Propaganda: The statement is not only inaccurate but it’s reasonable to expect the person or organization making it knew that and made the claim anyway to gain an advantage.

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Fact Check: The Bar for County Assessor Candidates

The U-T's editorial board endorsed Ernest Dronenburg for a second term as assessor/recorder/clerk and included this startling reasoning: Dronenburg is " the only one of the four candidates who ... even met the legal requirement that this officeholder be a certified property appraiser."