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Second Opinion answered some nagging, confusing questions about the Affordable Care Act as it applies in San Diego. Start here for an interactive guide on what Obamacare changed for Californians.

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Diapers and Tampons Help Men, Too

Two recent proposals to boost low-income moms address some common themes: both would improve the health of women and children, and help working moms stay working. They share something else, too: a torrent of hateful reactions aimed solely at women.

California’s Still Struggling to Set Up SHOP

The program, which provides insurance subsidies to businesses with fewer than 25 employees, has been beset by delays and technical problems. “It’s absolutely making me crazy,” says one Del Mar business owner.

A Reader’s Guide to San Diego Hospital Districts

In order for district hospitals to survive, they need to align themselves with other health care providers. Once they do that, however, they give up a certain degree of control over the decisions made for folks in their communities.

Ambulance Contract to Stay Private

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria says there are too many financial uncertainties with a city-run ambulance service. A new five-year contract could start in January 2015.