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Five Big Briggs Lawsuits

Cory Briggs is the biggest thorn in the side of local politicians because he files more high-profile lawsuits against the city and other local entities than anyone else.

SANDAG Teases Its Big Ballot Measure – Again

To hold to its self-imposed deadline, SANDAG must ask voters to help pay for its massive to-do list, which includes things like shoreline preservation and monitoring water quality. If SANDAG pushes the deadline out a few more years, it wouldn't be the first time.

Meet Mid-City’s New ‘Diet Trolley’

Or call it a super bus, if you'd prefer. Either way, the Mid-City Rapid will be the first of a new type of transit line that'll figure heavily in the future of public transportation in the region.

San Diego’s Shaky Future

In the wake of L.A's temblor, earthquake expert John Dvorak explains the special threats facing San Diego and the dueling theories about whether we'll ever be able to predict when the ground will shake beneath us.

San Diego Warns Investors of a $4 Billion Pollution Problem

Having learned its lessons years ago that it is best to lay out just how much money trouble it faces, the city of San Diego is warning investors it will have to come up with nearly $4 billion over two decades to comply with regulations on how it handles stormwater runoff.

A Reader’s Guide to the Megabond

A megabond would be a mega way to fix a mega city problem. But it will take a lot of work for city leaders to persuade voters they should increase taxes to do it.