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Executing Faulconer’s Vision Starts Now

In a speech designed to cement San Diego’s reputation as a world-class city, Mayor Kevin Faulconer outlined his vision for 2015. To get the biggest bang for taxpayers' buck, the city needs to hustle on infrastructure, open data and a few other key areas.

San Diego’s Richest Poor Neighborhood, Two Decades Later

In 1993, Sol Price flipped the switch on what has become decades of philanthropic investment in City Heights. Two foundations alone have spent more than a quarter billion there since 2000. So what's come of all that money? Are residents better off because of it?

Behind the Competing Plans to Make Over Hillcrest

After SANDAG's plan to add more bike lanes in Hillcrest met big backlash, the group reached out for help in creating alternatives. One has taken off with local business owners. But there are parking spots at stake, which means no one agrees completely.

Five Big Briggs Lawsuits

Cory Briggs is the biggest thorn in the side of local politicians because he files more high-profile lawsuits against the city and other local entities than anyone else.

SANDAG Teases Its Big Ballot Measure – Again

To hold to its self-imposed deadline, SANDAG must ask voters to help pay for its massive to-do list, which includes things like shoreline preservation and monitoring water quality. If SANDAG pushes the deadline out a few more years, it wouldn't be the first time.