The planning process is already cumbersome, but community health advocates are pushing for additional reviews that look at health in broader terms. That’s come in handy with the planning of a new skate park in City Heights.

City planners are eyeing changes to Grantville: They want to take the industrial area and turn it into one with lots of apartments and retail storefronts, an urban village based around the neighborhood’s trolley stop. But if history’s any guide, that’ll be easier said than done.

When Mayor Kevin Faulconer cut off funding for the Civic Innovation Lab, a nascent mini-department conceived to solve city problems, his office tried to soften the blow by saying nobody was losing their job. Now the lab’s four members are unemployed.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer says more homes will stabilize housing prices. How does he want to boost supply? Mostly by adding funding to existing efforts, and the ever-popular streamlining of regulations, restrictions and processes.




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