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Recent posts


We Can’t Pave Our Way to Efficient Transit

Our region’s elected officials continue to support a “freeways-first” transportation plan. Why aren't we adopting a “transit first” policy when surveys show most of us want a working transit system?


Dumanis Has Left Officers Hanging

Simply put, Bonnie Dumanis has not been the partner law enforcement agencies hoped for in the district attorney’s office. After her 12-year reign, it’s time for a change.


Why I Trust Bonnie Dumanis

Bonnie Dumanis is a tough-as-nails prosecutor whose office has maintained a 94 percent conviction rate. She’s the only candidate in the DA's race who worked her way up in the office she now leads.


Pump the Brakes on the Hillcrest Bike Route

Let’s have a clear understanding about the impact of these proposed bike lanes, and the alternatives available. Residents and business owners need this before we can stand behind the project.


No, There’s Not a Craft Beer Bubble Brewing

Craft beer is every bit as complex and significant an industry as defense, or tourism, or biotech, or green tech. It is a key piece of San Diego’s economic and cultural future, and it is growing rapidly.