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Recent posts


The Case for Sherri Lightner

Regardless of how she got the votes, Sherri Lightner is now our Council president. She is qualified, capable and has proven that she can do this job.


How to Bring Back California’s Competitive Edge

We can no longer rely on our state’s weather and beauty to attract new businesses and jobs. We need to be realistic about the level of competition we face. Some of the best ways we can protect California jobs start local: focus on buying local and build up training for our future workforce.


The High Cost of Cheap Water

You can use all the water you want and are willing to pay for. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous during a drought? Blame the water department’s pricing model.


From a Battle Abroad to a Wage Battle Back Home

On its face, the minimum wage battle isn't strictly a veterans issue. But about 6 percent of the minimum wage earners in San Diego are veterans - people who fought for their country, then transitioned into much lower-paying jobs.