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Lincoln’s Steady Hand

He's been accused of being a sort-of revolutionary who's "indoctrinating students," but Kiki Ochoa, who teaches economics and government at Lincoln High, also provides a stable presence at the district's most volatile campus.

A New Face and Old Battle Lines for Local Schools

Lindsay Burningham, the new president of the San Diego Education Association, is seen as more moderate and likely to compromise than some members of the union's more aggressive faction. But she's also holding strong to the kinds of teacher protections that have rankled reformers for years.

Behold the Power of an Educated Guess

UCSD's Ilan Samson created a calculator that requires users to make a close guess before revealing an answer. It helps reinforce new Common Core standards, and tries to reverse a fundamental flaw in how we teach math: The result is valued more than the process.

The Push for a Harassment-Free Comic-Con

Women who spend hours on costumes for Comic-Con often have much different experiences at the convention than men. A group of women wants Comic-Con to create a detailed harassment policy – and to make sure convention-goers know it exists.

A Sea Change for Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee CEO Chris Lischewski on how partnering with the Padres has raised his company's local profile, the push to label genetically modified foods, and why Americans are eating less seafood.

Tijuana Violence Ticks Up, But Don’t Blame Cartels

In a Q-and-A, David Shirk, director of USD's Mexico Justice Project and co-author of a new report on drug violence, talks about the effects of violence on ordinary residents of Tijuana and why the mayhem hasn't crossed over to the American side of the border.

Lessons from History on the SeaWorld Debate

No, animal rights activists aren't anti-human. In a Q-and-A, historian Diane Beers, who's studied the animal rights movement as it's evolved, dispels some myths about activists and discusses what to keep in mind as the SeaWorld debate moves forward.

San Diego’s Shaky Future

In the wake of L.A's temblor, earthquake expert John Dvorak explains the special threats facing San Diego and the dueling theories about whether we'll ever be able to predict when the ground will shake beneath us.