Police Retention

The San Diego Police Department has had a tough time retaining and recruiting officers for some time now. Start here for one of the challenges the department faces: staffing a force that reflects the community it serves.

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The Case for Giving Veteran Cops Bigger Raises

City officials plan to dole out millions to police officers who've long complained about their paltry paychecks. They might get the most bang for their bucks if they give a big chunk of the money to veteran officers who are easy targets to get hired away by the Sheriff's Department.

Police: ‘We Do Our Very Best to Reach Everyone’

Police Chief William Lansdowne let a key check on racial profiling slide because he hadn't heard it's a concern in the community. Here's what the department does to open lines of communication, and why some voices aren't being heard.

Mike Aguirre, Odd Man Out

Most of the city's top mayoral contenders showed up at a police-sponsored forum on Tuesday pledging to bolster police compensation and resources. Then there was former City Attorney Mike Aguirre, whose message was much different.

Fact Check: The Police Pay Drought

Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher claimed police officers haven't received salary hikes since 2008 and that their current labor contract leaves them without such increases for a decade.