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We Can’t Pave Our Way to Efficient Transit

Our region’s elected officials continue to support a “freeways-first” transportation plan. Why aren't we adopting a “transit first” policy when surveys show most of us want a working transit system?

Meet Mid-City’s New ‘Diet Trolley’

Or call it a super bus, if you'd prefer. Either way, the Mid-City Rapid will be the first of a new type of transit line that'll figure heavily in the future of public transportation in the region.

Why the Bike-Share Delay Could Cost the City

The city's estimated profit of $1 million to $2.6 million was based on bike sharing beginning by March. Based on those figures, the three-month delay means the city might not see up to $65,000 in revenue.


‘Fareboxes Won’t Fix Transportation’

Hopefully SANDAG leaders, in initiating plan upgrades, will recognize tinkering with minor farebox percentages has little impact to overcome the mismatch between existing numerically defined performance needs and current fund allocations.

What’s Next for CicloSDias

The lead organizer for Sunday's bike and pedestrian takeover of 30th Street says he hopes the next CicloSDias will head to Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.