All Eyes on Lincoln High

Some top school district brass was on hand for Lincoln High's first day of classes. In all the excitement, it’s almost possible to overlook the years of sputtering test scores and trench warfare between teachers and the administration that has made Lincoln a symbol of everything that's wrong with public schools in America. Almost.

Photo by Jamie Scott Lytle

Six Years and $10 Million Gone, the Convention Center Expansion Is Dead

It is one of the biggest, gnarliest and most embarrassing legal failures the city has ever seen.

San Diego’s Other Affordability Problem

It's not just housing that's costly here — so is transportation. Combined, that makes San Diego more unaffordable than most places.

This Little-Used Parking Lot Is the Epicenter of a Yearlong Political Power Struggle

Family Health Centers of San Diego wants the city to sell it a little-used parking lot so it can expand. The only thing standing in its way is a slow-moving bureaucracy and a community stalwart with no legal claim to the lot.

Let Me Pay the Post Office to Stop Trashing My House

Reps. Susan Davis and Scott Peters want those who have the luxury of having a bunch of garbage delivered daily to their mailboxes to keep it. Issa wants them to have to walk at least to their curb to get their advertising. Unfortunately, none of them will let me pay to get rid of it.

Who Stands to Benefit from San Diego’s Minimum Wage Hike

Proponents of the San Diego minimum-wage measure say it will give at least 172,000 workers a raise. Here's where that number came from.

Morning Report: New School Year, New School Problems

Mayor faces decision on climate change response, startups aren't banned in SD after all, costumed avengers want to help in North Park and SD's ghostly reputation.

What to Watch for as the School Year Kicks Off

The new year presents a test for the district to respond to the needs of English learners, a new approach to school discipline, Common Core and more.

No, San Diego Doesn’t Have a Startup Ban on the Books

San Diego city code bars home businesses with more than one employee, a rule that some critics have called a startup ban. Turns out lots of other startup hubs have the same rule, and it's not clear any startups have been booted or even fined as a result.

‘You Pay for What You Want’

Erik Bruvold joins us on the podcast to discuss the future of the Convention Center, minimum wage and the future of Comic-Con in San Diego.

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