Friday, October 28, 2005 | Editor’s note: Every week leading up to the Nov. 8 election, Voice will pose a reader’s question to the candidates. The answers have not been edited. This week’s question for the mayoral candidates:

“How do you plan on resolving the San Diego Chargers stadium issue and what will you personally do to make sure the Chargers stay in San Diego?”

Jerry Sanders

The Chargers’ most recent proposal is a constructive first step in this process. The city should negotiate in good faith with the Chargers to maximize public benefits from their proposal and ensure the measure placed before voters for approval is in the public’s interest.

No city tax dollars should be committed to this project, and if it involves transfer of city property, there must be compensating benefits in the form of public infrastructure improvements, traffic mitigation and open space dedication.

Resolution will require strong leadership, public involvement and an open and transparent process.

Donna Frye

When dealing with any proposal that involves taxpayer money and public land, the City should proceed cautiously, openly and prudently.

I am always open to listening to the Chargers’ proposal for a new stadium and new development, and I would facilitate meetings that are open and public. We need full, open and candid discussions, plus a vote of the people, before we subsidize any private projects – either for professional sports franchises or for private developers. I am personally opposed to giving away valuable real estate in Mission Valley or more taxpayer money to the owners of the Chargers.

Additionally, numerous issues must be addressed at the Qualcomm site before any development is considered. This includes the existing traffic congestion, police, fire and medical emergency response times, the public park deficiencies for Mission Valley residents, flooding issues, and the groundwater contamination at the site.

Finally, the Chargers should conduct all necessary financial and environmental analysis and review before placing any measure on the ballot so that the public can make an informed decision before voting. I will help facilitate those discussions to ensure that the information provided to the public is factual and that the numbers add up.

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