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Friday, December 16, 2005 | Why is it that some Christmas songs are bigger some years than others?

A few years ago, you’d hear Donny Hathaway singing “This Christmas” or Beyonce singing her version and last year Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” kept going through my head.

That’s partially because she’s very impetuous and I’m afraid she’ll suddenly want a manger for Christmas (something that I believe is not allowed by our homeowner’s association).

We did try and mention it obliquely by having her watch one of those puppet holiday specials, Nestor The Long-Eared Donkey, which is about an ass who gets chosen to carry Mary to Bethlehem.

When it comes to religion, my wife and I are a united front: We figure even the most complex theological issues are best explained by dancing puppets. But even the dancing puppets couldn’t stop Alex from crying during the scene when Nestor lost his Mom just before the sandstorm.

I also shied away from showing her “The Little Drummer Boy” because, as a parent and a music lover, I don’t believe any newborn child would appreciate an untrained percussionist banging loudly in their ear.

We have tried to teach her “Silent Night” but she tends to sing it loudly – and during the day – which is a contradiction in terms.

I’ve considered broaching the issue with her but I’m remaining silent on the issue for now.

But there’s always next year.

David Moye is a La Mesa-based writer who finds himself singing the theme song to Dora The Explorer when he thinks no one is listening.

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