City Attorney Mike Aguirre released a selected batch of former City Manager Lamont Ewell’s e-mail related to the outside audit committee Tuesday evening to the local media.

Aguirre disbursed the handpicked messages weeks after it was reported by a local newspaper that up to 9,000 of Ewell’s messages were reportedly erased. An employee later found a backup tape that contained the e-mails, and Aguirre said he launched a criminal investigation into the deletion.

We at Voice thought we’d share one interesting exchange for your entertainment as we pick through the documents. The following is an e-mail conversation between Ewell and Michael Young, an attorney for the audit committee, that took place last October.

Young: Got a check today. Thanks. Mike

Ewell: Great, care to share it?

Young: What a wit! (You always start this early?)

Ewell: When you are dealing with the likes of Aguirre, you have no choice but to start early. I continue to reflect back on the time when I first met you and your colleagues. It was great watching you each attempt to create a professional working relationship with the Anti-Christ!

Voice is currently reviewing the stack of documents and we’ll be posting any documents deemed noteworthy as we proceed.


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