Council President Scott Peters has denied a request for details related to the purchase of stock of the parent company to one of the city’s most prominent consultants.

Last month, we reportedthat Peters owned more than $100,000 in stock in Marsh & McLennan Co. while voting on $16.2 million in contracts for Kroll Inc., a consulting firm staffing the city’s controversial audit committee. (Peters, whose wife’s investment portfolio is vast, said he was unaware of the connection. The council was later forced to revote on the contracts because of Peters’ previous participation.)

Peters’ wife, Lynn Gorguze, is also president of an investment firm that purchased 700 shares of Marsh & McLennan on the day that Kroll was hired in February 2005.

Weeks ago, we requested the following information: dates in which the stock was bought and sold; the date in which the order for the purchase and sale went in; the price the stock was bought and sold; and the amounts of stock bought and sold.

Peters has denied our request and has said that the purchase date was coincidental. He has denied a similar request from the City Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the matter.

In a letter to the City Attorney’s Office last week, Peters’ attorney Jim Sutton said the office can’t investigate any potential conflict-of-interest allegations because the office is supposed to advise council members

“Although Council President Peters would of course be willing to cooperate in any investigation conducted by any other non-conflicted enforcement authority, he can not respond to your request,” Sutton wrote.


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