Last night, KFMB Television Channel 8 ran a fascinating story about immigrant workers living in a shanty on county Supervisor Bill Horn’s Valley Center avocado ranch.

Horn has become increasingly outspoken about illegal immigration over the past few weeks, and recently announced that he was asking the county to initiate a study into the cost of illegal immigrants to county coffers.

There’s no indication that the workers on Horn’s ranch are illegal immigrants. The KFMB story quotes Horn’s spokesman as saying that the two men living on the county supervisor’s property both have green cards.

The story focuses on the fact that the shelter the two immigrants have been living in is, ostensibly, an illegal structure.

“County records show, Horn has no building permits for farm worker housing on his property and experts say housing like this could never pass inspection anyway,” reads a story on the television station’s Web site.

“The immigrant camp has outdoor electrical hook-ups for a television, radio and a washing machine plugged into an extension cord a possible fire hazard.”

Since the television station’s investigation, Horn has apparently offered the two men accommodation in his own home or one of his apartment buildings, and has taken measures to clean up the alleged code violations.

Just a warning, the television report shows men defecating outside on Horn’s property. It’s not pretty.


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