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We’re sharing this little dialogue, just in case it doesn’t make it all into tomorrow’s story about the airport authority’s big decision today.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert, addressing the authority: “This process has been flawed and the march to Miramar is a mistake.”

Authority member and San Diego City Councilman Tony Young brought up questions about the phase-out of the F-18 fighter jet, the aircraft that would cause quite a bit of noise under the airport authority’s concept for a joint-use airport at Miramar. Young asked whether operations were going to be expanded at Miramar.

Lehnert said the F-18 would be phased out around 2035. And its replacement, Lehnert said, “will come with an engine and it will make noise.”

“That’s very funny, general,” Young replied.

And so they sparred a bit more about the noise impacts of the new plane.

“You’ve just made a lot of accusations about me personally,” Young told the general. “I didn’t have any preconceived plans (to choose Miramar). You don’t know me. I’m here to serve the people of San Diego.”

As if they were watching a prize fighter land a haymaker, the audience let loose a guttural groan.


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