Thursday, June 8, 2006 | I read through James O. Goldsborough’s article “Where’s the Iraq War Protest?” that was posted on today’s with increasing anger. Once I completed the article, I felt compelled to respond to this treasonous article.

I cannot truly convey to you how offended I am with Goldsborough’s article. It is very apparent that not only is he a hardcore left-wing radical, his almost treasonous attitude is only upstaged by his apparent hatred of President Bush and the United States itself.

Goldsborough’s attitude is so typical of left-wing radicals. He would rather focus on the negative incidents that have happened in Iraq instead of the positive ones.

For every one negative incident involving U.S. troops, there are 10 positive ones that have occurred that don’t get much mainstream media coverage and are ignored by America haters like Goldsborough.

I can understand someone’s opposition to the war and I don’t wish to defend the war in this letter.

What I find so reprehensible is statements he made such as “the greatest moral crime in U.S. history, the national equivalent of the murder of Kitty Genovese, and Bush’s war is fought with other people’s children.”

How dare Mr. Goldsborough demean and besmirch the heroic actions of thousands of our military heroes because of the actions of a few 18 and 19-year old kids who, under unbelievable pressure, snapped when they saw one of their comrades blown to pieces by an IED. I have lost a friend and co-worker in Iraq. I am honored to have known someone like him and his parents were proud of his service.

I suggest that since Mr. Goldsborough hates this country, our military, and what we stand for, he might consider moving to France. No doubt France will soon be a Muslim country, thanks to an overall attitude in that country similar to Mr. Goldsborough’s.

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