The San Diego County Water Authority is slated to talk about desalination – and possibly approve an environmental impact report for its own Carlsbad plant – at its Thursday meeting.

The authority is pushing its own plans forward to build a desalination plant in Carlsbad, which could turn 100 million gallons a day of seawater into 50 million gallons of drinking water each day. (The other 50 million gallons would be returned to the ocean, albeit a bit saltier.)

The water authority’s plan is similar to that of Connecticut-based Poseidon Resources Corp., which received its local permits at Tuesday night’s Carlsbad City Council meeting. Poseidon holds the lease to the land at the Encina Power Station, and the two groups have been in negotiations to join the two plans.

Doing so could allow the water authority to own the plant, with Poseidon building and operating it.

The water authority plan would provide desalted water to the entire region. Under Poseidon’s plan, the water goes to Carlsbad and two other local water districts – with others potentially signing up.

The authority’s water planning committee is scheduled to take up the proposal at 1:40 p.m. Thursday, with an opportunity for public comment. If they sign off, it then heads to the full authority board for approval.

Click here for some background on Tuesday night’s decision in Carlsbad.

And click here for my opus on desalination.


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