The North County Times ran a story yesterday that outlined an effort by North County police to clear out a local migrant camp.

The local police had put up posters at the camp, which is on Cannon Road, near Agua Hedionda Lagoon, warning the migrants that they must leave by June 20 or they would face arrest, the story says. One police officer is quoted as saying that the posters were akin to a 30-day notice for the migrants.

“By late Monday, word of the city’s enforcement plans seemed to have spread through the roughly 2-acre encampment region. Visits to several camping areas showed packed bags or campsites stripped bare of all bedding and any personal items. The occupants who remained said they knew about the city’s decision and were making plans to leave,” reads the story.

The migrants told the Times reporter that they will move to other camps nearby. A local migrant advocate, Michael Wishkaemper, said there are less people living in the camp than in previous years. He attributes the declining population to a change in employment practices at local farms. Farm managers are firing workers who they find out are living in the canyon, the article quotes Wishkaemper as saying.

The Carlsbad police attitude appears to differ significantly from the methodology of city of San Diego police officers. Local police have a policy in place that they will not get involved in immigration enforcement.

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