Thursday, June 29, 2006 | The arrogance of the April Boling is simply astounding. She had an opportunity to address the County Retirement Board when they adopted their current amortization schedule. The Retirement Board rejected her advice.

In her opinion piece, she belatedly concedes that the judge who heard her lawsuit “did not agree” with her contention that the amortization schedule adopted by the County Retirement Board violated statutes. Actually, that is putting it kindly. The case was dismissed on a demurrer, which is legal speak for saying that Ms. Boling did not have an articulable legal theory worth going to trial on.

Ms. Boling fails to note the voluntary extra payments of tens of millions of dollars beyond that required by the county to the retirement system the past two years. That money paid down the unfunded liability. Those payments put the lie to her claim that the county and retirement board would rather put the money into legal fees and avoid putting money into the retirement system to reduce the unfunded liability.

It is not the county and SDCERA who are wasting taxpayer money on this lawsuit, it is April Boling. In a funny conclusion to her opinion piece, she wonders what “the issue” is, i.e., why a lawsuit by her is necessary.

The answer is two-fold and fairly simple. First, April Boling is miffed that her advice was soundly rejected by SDCERA, and her view of the pension world not adopted. Second, her filing of the lawsuit keeps her name in the newspaper, and allows her to continue to masquerade as the “taxpayer champion.”

SDCERA and a judge have seen her arguments are meritless. So should your readers.

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