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Reader LB checks in with some passion about the future of the Chamber of Commerce with the departure of its CEO Jessie Knight.

Jessie was exactly what the Chamber needed back when. Stability after a rocky time.

And now?

Is it possible to consolidate precious public and private resources and funding, and focus San Diego on implementing all the visions and plans that continue to sit on the shelves of agencies, non-profits, CCDC and the city of San Diego. The North Embarcadero Plan is but one example of a plan that needs to be implemented and these organizations working together could definitely help push that plan through. Especially with Broadway Complex in the wings. It is imperative that they all work pulling their resources together, forgetting who gets the credit. Are our current leaders able to reach up together into the heart of San Diego and find the soul of our community instead of just sunshine? Leadership instead of laziness?

Call me corny but I like that sunshine line.


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