Mayor Jerry Sanders will be presenting to the City Council his plan for retaining police officers Tuesday at a time when San Diego cops are departing the force more frequently than usual given the city’s financial woes.

The fiscal troubles have led the city to freeze salaries while police officers are paying more for their retirement and health benefit packages. Cops left the city of San Diego at a clip of 30 a month in the past year.

The Police Offices Association and the city did not reach agreement after the union balked at Sanders’ proposal to keep salaries level. The union was asking for salary increases that would have cost the city an additional $9 million.

The issue became a contentious issue during the past budget season, with the council deciding to defer to the mayor, who said he had a plan for addressing the police officer exodus. Sanders and Police Department officials said they would drum up a plan to better market openings within the force to new recruits, conduct a comparable wage survey and possibly find new ways for officers to make money while off-duty.

Stay tuned, we’ll be following this story.


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