As San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger searches for a solution to accommodate his city’s homeless conundrum, he and other civic leaders there visited St. Vincent de Paul’s Village in downtown San Diego to observe the one-stop shop for homeless services that Father Joe Carroll has assembled downtown.

The San Antonio News-Express followed the Texas city’s delegation through Father Joe’s village, describing the envoy as being impressed with the centralization of services within the complex.

“The bottom line is what the city needs is a center near downtown just like Phoenix, San Diego and Miami,” Valero Energy Corp. Chairman Bill Greehey said before the San Diego trip. “I think the center is really important where you have one-stop shopping, where you can really take care of the needs in one place.”

The article details the evolution of Carroll’s operation from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich kitchen into the comprehensive two-and-a-half block facility it is today. Read the full story here.


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