With police officers leaving the city at a rapid rate, primarily because of concerns over pay and benefit levels, Council President Scott Peters hinted that City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s attack on pension enhancements that were given to city workers in 1996 and 2002 was part of the problem.

Peters accused Aguirre of not getting the “magic answer” that the city attorney was looking for when Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Barton denied his request for an expedited ruling Monday. Peters said that the city should weigh the costs and benefits of such litigation, and his comments today indicated he saw the further flight of cops as being a risk if the city continues to attack those benefit increases.

“It can’t help our cause to be talking about rolling back benefits for the next four months,” Peters said. “I can’t imagine that has nothing to do with loss of police officers.”

Aguirre left the council meeting shortly thereafter, offering no rebuttal.


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