Mayor Jerry Sanders was careful today to make sure the City Council understood his strong comments on the audit committee. He said he blames the private consulting firm Kroll Inc. and no one else for the troubles. (Read: he doesn’t blame the City Council.)

A number of council members appeared very receptive to Sanders’ blasting of Kroll and followed the mayor’s lead.

“Mayor Sanders, you’re doing exactly what you are elected to do and I’m 100 percent behind you,” said Councilman Tony Young.

“I take offense that it’s taken so long,” he said of the consultants’ continued delays.

Councilwoman Donna Frye, an early Kroll critic, and Councilman Kevin Faulconer asked that officials from Kroll and KPMG come before City Council soon to give an update of their work. Frye pointed out that the two consultants, who have billed the city for more than a combined $25 million, had earlier pledged to give monthly updates before council. That proposition quickly fizzled, as the meetings were highlighted by verbal sparring with City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

Council President Scott Peters told the council that Kroll had an open invitation to come before council whenever it wanted.

However, the council members pushed ahead and, upon Aguirre’s recommendation, passed a resolution specifically requesting the consultants’ presence.

“Tell us in person why you aren’t going to have this report,” Faulconer said. “You would do this with anyone in private business with whom you have a contract. It’s common courtesy.”

Attempts to reach Kroll associates were unsuccessful.


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