Reader JB passed along a report that has been circulating recently. A couple of days ago, The Press Enterprise published this little nugget it pulled out of a public records request.

The state’s Fair Political Practices Commission is apparently working on a complaint that Brent Wilkes, the San Diego defense contractor who is at the center of the Duke Cunningham bribe scandal, also helped illegally funnel money to County Supervisor Ron Roberts’ 2000 mayoral campaign. While it’s OK for people to gather contributions for a political candidate – even from their employees – they can’t reimburse those employees.

That’s what Wilkes is, according to The Press Enterprise, accused of doing in support of Roberts.

Roberts, of course, lost all his bids for mayor but just losing isn’t the only problem he’s had with his campaigns. Last November, he settled with the city of San Diego’s Ethics Commission and agreed to pay a $15,000 fine for not insisting that contributors to his 2004 campaign disclose their occupations.


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