During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Council President Scott Peters called out City Attorney Mike Aguirre, implying that Aguirre’s courtroom attempts to roll back pension benefits to pre-1996 levels was one of the reasons why cops were leaving San Diego at such a rapid pace.

“It can’t help our cause to be talking about rolling back benefits for the next four months,” Peters said. “I can’t imagine that has nothing to do with loss of police officers.”

Aguirre left the meeting before offering a response. In a later interview, we asked him to respond.

The city attorney said the police officers are unsure whether they will receive any retirement benefits because of the city’s $1.4 billion pension deficit.

“The reason people are apprehensive is because of the financial condition of our city,” Aguirre said. “The thing most needed is to restore the actuarial soundness of the pension system. It’s not about keeping benefits that there is no way to pay for, but instead about keeping a level of benefits will be paid.”


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