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Thursday, July 13, 2006 | I don’t care what the mayor says. There is no plan by this city to retain our police officers. What has been coming out of the mayor’s office is nothing but a lot of smoke and mirrors. As citizens we want action, not rhetoric.

And where is Chief Lansdowne? Has he no input, no plan? Of course not, he has fallen off the planet. He should be fired for incompetence.

As I stated in a previous article: the problem at the police department is not just money, it is morale. The rank and file should speak out; not worry about Lansdowne; let your voices be heard. This mayor and cop have no idea how to handle this situation and unfortunately, neither does the City Council. The men in blue must not run but raise hell.

If the bureaucrats can pay Kroll $20million for nada, they can treat our police appropriately. Since the mayor and cop are so inept, let’s show them the door, fast.

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