The City Council on Monday will consider the annual appropriations ordinance, which delegates to the Mayor’s Office the ability to spend money as prescribed through the budget as well as the authority to shift money throughout the city for the next year.

The document demonstrates the delicate balance the council and Mayor Jerry Sanders are attempting to strike: allowing the mayor to conduct administrative duties at the city while permitting the City Council oversight over how public money is spent.

The three major financial officers at the city – Sanders’ chief financial officer, the city auditor the council’s independent budget analyst – have all criticized the city’s past appropriations ordinances, which delegated significant amount of discretion to the city manager for moving money between the city’s books, creating supplemental jobs and receiving funds. The document was full of loopholes that allowed the intent of the council’s budget to be skirted, they said.

Formerly 81 pages long, this year’s appropriations ordinance is 12 pages.

We’ll be following any new developments with this.


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