Amid all the doom and gloom splashed across the newspapers and the blogosphere about the local real estate market, it’s nice to know that the salespeople haven’t lost their luster.

Every morning, I drive to work down La Jolla Blvd., through the roundabouts in Bird Rock. Every morning, there’s some jolly sign-holder standing in front of the (fairly) new Seahaus condo development. They grin at me and spin their signs, announcing that Barratt American still has units for sale at Seahaus.

I’ve never given them a second thought, but the crafty salespeople at Barratt have come up with some pretty convincing patter, as evidenced in the press release that just popped into my inbox.

With 70 miles of pristine white sand beaches, record number of sunny days and multitude of fine culture offerings, real estate analysts say San Diego is the perfect place to purchase vacation property this year. Second-home buyers wanting their own piece of San Diego paradise have made Barratt American’s opulent Seahaus neighborhood in La Jolla, just 15 minutes north of downtown San Diego, into one of the most sought after communities in San Diego’s thriving real estate market.

I’m sorry, but which real estate analysts are they talking to?

Bird Rock is 15 minutes north of downtown? Maybe by helicopter.

As for the real estate market “thriving,” even the heads of the Realtor associations are saying that things have completely cooled off. Median prices of condos in San Diego are down 5.2 percent from last year. Overall medians are down 1 percent.

Hardly thriving.


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