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The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority will discuss the cross-border terminal idea when it meets Monday.

The authority’s board will decide whether to establish the scope of work for a study that would determine just how feasible a cross-border terminal would be. Although it’s a small step – it certainly doesn’t guarantee the terminal will ever be built – it signals what appears to be the authority’s lukewarm interest.

The cross-border idea would establish a terminal just north of Tijuana International Airport that would allow people to park in San Diego and cross into Mexico to fly out. About 350,000 people a year do that now, according to estimates. A cross-border terminal could triple that, its supporters say.

The discussion comes just more than a month after the authority chose Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as the long-term solution to projections that Lindbergh Field will max out its capacity after 2015.

Board members say the cross-border discussion is completely separate from the authority’s site-selection process. They’re defensive about it – they repeat this point without being asked.

South Bay supporters say the cross-border terminal would ease the burden on Lindbergh Field. Airport officials say just the opposite. They point to no benefit to Lindbergh, whatsoever.

You can check out the whereas-laden resolution headed to the board here.

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