Thursday, July 20, 2006 | Re: “Joint Use? What Joint Use?” Are we surprised? Again? Ho hum. Not me. Not you. I hope.

Thanks Rob Davis for being quick to report what the good ol’ boys and

girls at the Airport Authority club are up to…even if it’s the same

old, same old. Call it what you will: They sneak around, tell little

fibs, lie, mislead, use words as their means to justify their ends,

exercise their freedom of speech or whatever they think they can get

away with.

And, don’t forget, they have the gall to ask for at least $200,000 of

our tax dollars (it was one of the news highlights last week) to

continue studying alternatives or, just maybe, do whatever they want to

stay alive with no time table, no clear statement of need or objectives;

just the usual fuzzy, casual and quiet request for the wherewithal to

steal, err…expend, our money.

I’ll bet the kids at one of our under performing junior high schools

could find a better use of our money and beat out the authority in a

public debate as to who should get to spend it.

Oh, I almost forgot: Their ballot measure, they say, is just for

permission for them to have an “approved dialog.”

Well, I guess it depends on what their definition of “dialog” is, your


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