“Lost” castaway Malcolm David Kelley is facing a challenge almost as big as trying to get off a desert island – beating the Yu-Gi-Oh! National champion at his own game.

This Saturday (July 22), Kelley – who plays Walt on the ABC hit drama – is going toe-to-toe with 11-year-old champion Austin Kulman, at the San Diego Comic-Con but a win for the “Lost” star may not be in the cards.

Kelley tells the San Diego-based Wireless Flash News Service (of which I’m Senior Editor) that he hasn’t “played in two or three years so I’ve been trying to find my good cards for the game although Austin probably has the deluxe edition ones anyways.”

Meanwhile, Kulman, who will be representing America at the international trading card competition in Japan next month, isn’t intimidated by Kelley’s celebrity status since he’s only seen “Lost three times at most.”


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